No time to stop (Day 2)

Tuesday is a long day at work, 11am-7pm, but I made sure I kept busy from the start in order to avoid the cigarette craving that’s always lurking around when the others smoke. For me, smoking and drinking go hand-in-hand. I thought I could smoke and not drink but discovered after my last detox that having that first cigarette made me really anxious. And the more I smoked (even though it was making me feel like shit – I didn’t make the connection at first!) the worse it got. So I started thinking about how wine chills me out and from there it didn’t take long before I drank daily again. And the other way around, drinking but not smoking, is just impossible. And since it’s the drinking I want to get rid off, so the smokes got to go too! And physically I feel so much better already. The gym session this morning was a breeze compared to last night and fast progress is really good for me right now. I need the encouragement.

Today I’m so very grateful that I didn’t have a run-in with the ex (he was around briefly but left me to it), that it was busy at work to silence my mind, that the book store bought some of my books, that I managed to get up on time for a gym session this morning and that I’m going to bed sober tonight.


(Edit: Changed title of post and tag, it’s not day 3!!)

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3 Responses to No time to stop (Day 2)

  1. Debbie says:

    Probably FELT like day 3 though 🙂 You’re doing great. Keep posting!!

  2. words4jp says:

    I have missed quite a few days on my reader. I have missed so many – yours included. You sound splendid! Keep up the good fight. I am certain you can overcome these feelings. xx

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